Department of Management


The Management Department is comprised of three main research and teaching groups: Human Resources Management, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship.   These groups are committed to developing outstanding leaders in both established and start-up organizations using the most advanced tools designed to solve management problems.

Human Resource Management Program

The mission of the HRM program is to develop outstanding leaders with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage human capital and knowledge as a source of competitive advantage. Students are also well prepared to effectively perform human resource management functions. The program places students in leadership and human resource functions in major corporations.

Strategy Program

The mission of the strategy program is to develop outstanding leaders who know how to formulate and implement strategy and solve complex management problems. The program helps place students in management consulting firms, in business analyst positions in major corporations, or in entrepreneurial ventures.

Entrepreneurship Program

The mission of the entrepreneurship program is to develop outstanding entrepreneurs who know how to create new value in either a start-up environment or in established organizations. The program helps students build the knowledge, skills, and networks necessary to successful launch new ideas and new ventures.

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