Social Work Department

Social Work is a profession that focuses on complex and dynamic human and social interactions. Social work practice requires knowledge about human service values, practice skills and techniques to aid individuals, families, groups and communities achieve their greatest potential. Trained social workers provide direct services to clients and are also involved in efforts to improve social conditions. Because social workers serve people who are less fortunate, less capable, and often victims of social and ecological violence, social work graduates are currently in great demand throughout the world. 

The social work profession is unique, with its own body of knowledge, code of ethics, practice standards, nationally accredited educational system, credentials, and state licensing network. When licensed for practice, social workers are employed by a wide variety of public and private social welfare enterprises such as: public and private child welfare agencies and school systems, large business organizations, police and law enforcement departments, mental health clinics, medical hospitals, senior citizen centers, nursing homes, and international human service organizations.