Sociology Department

Sociology is the study of social relations, for example the study of social interaction, the relations of power in modern society, family and community life, organizations, and institutions. Among other things, sociologists study social change and social movements, diversity and the origins of inequality, and social conflict. The study of sociology includes learning about the theoretical perspectives and the diverse research methodologies that inform sociological analysis.

Training in Sociology entails analyzing information, summarizing findings, drawing conclusions, and solving problems and therefore prepares students for further education that leads to careers such as law, social work, public policy, and public or business administration, etc. Sociology also provides training for occupations that do not require graduate training: commercial and retail sales, real estate, financial planning, information management and analysis, and market research. Students interested in working for non-profit organizations, government agencies, and law enforcement should consider majoring in sociology.

Becoming a professional sociologist requires further graduate study, either a Ph.D. or a Masters degree.